The World in Crisis But Humanity Will Prevail

Behind The World Mass Terrors

Behind The World Mass Terrors

A Summon of Truth Beneath The River of Lies

Shalom Aleichem, may on this day we can find The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful, Allah Subhanna Wa Ta’ala blessing on our journey, on our work, on our way to a peaceful and justice purposes, also a gratitude to The Highness, Rasulullah Muhammad Salallahualaihi Wassalam (May Peace Upon Him), for his enlightment to the people and to the world that we living.

On a past of two years, at least since 2012 until 2014 people were witnessing a humanity were being demolish, we also witnessing so many reason were claimed to justified the Act of Devil in Terror, a Religion reason, a Nationalism reason, a National Security reason were managed to buried people, women and children alive under the grasp of Lust of Power at their own very home. The Leaders which have the authority to start and put an end on all these madness, seems got nothing to do better than wondering around on how they have to do.

These situation which leaders were trapped on paradox phenomena that makes them seems to confuse to make a fundamental decision on humanity. The leaders seem were very agitate on whats going on on the world wide environment, some of them like President of USA Barrack Obama were to busy to handle his domestic homework rather than take action like USA we were all knew before. The other leader such as UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Germany Counselor Angela Merkel were also seems busy to do their regional European Union financial crisis homework. We also witnessing on how President of Rusia Vladimir Putin were have a tremendous chances to do whatever he want to do on East Europe region, makes his regime ambition were very terrifying for some people.

These are some facts and phenomena which is very concern on our sight to the world environment:

1. The Freedom, Independence and Justice for Palestine State and Nation.

For Republic of Indonesia, a freedom and independence of all nation in the world were a rights and must have been given to those who struggle for it. A freedom and independence to the Palestine State and Nation is a must and people all around the world were must be in comprehensively considered of Freedom for Palestine State and Nation. There were tons of years the people of the world witnessing the dispute between Israel and Palestine for West Bank and Gaza, we also with conscious were witnessing The People of Palestine despair on struggling their freedom.

Jerusalem were a city which world religion lies upon, jewish, christian and Islam, on history Israel and Palestine were inherited to maintain all religious ornament which were build on Jerusalem. Is a very deep grief for the people of Republic Indonesia to see these two nation with such a cruelty were fighting over this land of religion and faith.

Over a thousand Palestinian innocent victims such as women and children were killed on Israel Military Operation, these facts must be stop at all cost, we also witnessing, rather put a peace and freedom to the people of Palestine, Barrack Obama were support Israel Military Operation, this is, once again makes us believe that USA were spreading the terror around the world for a weapon trades.

2. In Time of Crisis, Here Comes The ISIS and We Are Resist

In time of Arabic Spring we were witnessing how some of religion sect in Syria and Iraq managed to gathers and organize people on Arabic region to conclude a Islam Nation. These were a misguided purposes of Islam, as a Rahmatan Lil Al’amin (A Bless and  Compassion To The Humanity) religion, they were making a false call on Islam true purposes. There is no such thing as an Islam State and Nation, rather making a support to the Palestine people freedom and justice they were making troubles and cause problem to humanity, its true that humanity needs challenges to conceive its highly valued but a sect of terror were far away from an answer.

The ISIS were interfering a nation and state sovereignty, with a religion sect issues they were trying to convince people to join with them on build up of Islam State and Nation. These maneuver were very irritating not only to sovereignty of a nation state but also to Islam. Their agenda to pulled the world concentration on peace and humanity were very misguided.

3. Boko Haram, Nigeria A Country of Beliefs to Its Culture But Misguided on their Way to Justice and Prosperity.

In Nigeria is also a facts and phenomena which people trying to build up their nation and state but on its process to found their glorification of struggle on poverty. Once again women and children were the victims of the cruel behavior of a religion sect, teenage girls were kidnap for the cause of prohibition on western literature.

On our first article  indoktrinasi we were also mention about the prohibition on western literature, but on its process to prevail our purposes we were not harming our own people, but we were giving the enlightenment to the people especially women and children, so in our process we start from family education, we taught our fathers, our mothers and our children how to live and being brilliant as a true Indonesian, culturally motivated by our ancestors glorification and their heritage to the world, so rather than kidnapping our own children, we build a nation state base on family, community and national value and transfer all the knowledge to all Indonesian wherever they are. The western literature were still be used in Republic Indonesia, but we make distance on the knowledge, we take what is good and put a side the bad impact of the western literature.

We hope these article would be an enlightenment also to those who try to make distance with renaissance knowledge which makes a nature of the world unbalanced.

4. Crimean Crisis which Accidentally or Intentionally Makes South East Asia Involved in Bilateral Dispute Between Ukraine and Rusia

These civil war between Crimean people and Ukraine Government were making a highlight to the South East Asia when they were shut down a commercial flight, Malaysian Airlines, MH-17. The South East Asia region were very on great grief cause of this and seek a justice for it. There were someone father, someone mother, someone son and someone daughter on that flight and we were against all reason which cause of the shot down.

If all these matters are cause of National Sovereignty, you all were put it all wrong. If we want to define a sovereignty of a Nation, Humanity must put in front of all cause, because if it isn’t we were back to the dark ages. Its amaze us on how you people make a strong point on humanity but at the same time all of you put a guns above all value. All the contradiction that makes us want to believe that the world must have been to be a better world, were vanish in front of your very eyes.

5. We Don’t Need a UN Soap Opera or NATO Action Thriller, We All Need Peace, Justice and Prosperity to The World

As we witnessing all these war happening on our very eyes, United Nation were trying to resolve these madness with their resolution, a truce were called on Gaza, but these aren’t enough, all we need a strong policy that bounds all these country to peace, justice and prosperity. We need an Institution with such a strong leadership which can managed all these mess being solved. There is no necessary of violence to be happens anymore, the struggle to put humanity upon all values were much important than wars over nation or religion sect.

The values of humanity surely needs a challenges to be conceive highly upon, but in its process, when we use weapon and guns are a misguided path of humanity, people of the world must have a comprehensively consciousness on how the world environment achieving their purposes, it might not easy but it can be done with the willingness of all nation to put their ambition aside.

“My Nationalism is Humanity,” Mohandas Gandhi.

“Poverty are made by Man and can only be erased by Man,” Nelson Mandela.

Peace, Freedom, Independence, Justice and Prosperity,

Kawula Mahardhika


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